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Company Culture

Success and glory
It will always belong to those who are full of fighting spirit and not those who just wait.
The legendary spirit is a style of behavior, a source of motivation to explore the unknown, and make possible a reality. At Xiangmin Hanger, the spirit of creating legends is our exclusive label. It runs through the development history of our brand-a history that has constantly challenged the status quo and boundaries after careful consideration. We never ask whether it is possible or not, but instead ask " why not".
Core philosophy: people-oriented, honest management, technological innovation, quality wins.
Corporate values: "Reliable products, satisfactory service, sincere respect" to every customer, create opportunities for employee development, seek healthy, stable and rapid development of the company, and create benefits for the company and society.
Employing concept: to be inclusive of all rivers and to use talents according to the quantity.
Quality policy: quality first, technological innovation, continuous improvement, honesty and truth-seeking, customer satisfaction.
Company Culture

Management philosophy: scientific management, standardized words and deeds, unity and hard work, and the pursuit of excellence.
Competition concept: "Differentiation", "refinement" and "standardization" marketing of quality.
Technological innovation concept: equal emphasis on technology and innovation.
Cooperation concept: Honesty and quality are the cornerstones of a win-win situation, and mutual benefit and sustainable development are the foundation of cooperation.
Enterprise spirit: pragmatic, efficient, pioneering and enterprising.
Enterprise goal: to achieve the sustainable development of the drying rack industry is the goal of all colleagues in Xiangmin to work and struggle together!

Brand concept: "Quality builds the brand, innovation promotes the brand, word-of-mouth, makes the brand bigger, and integrity makes the brand" is the brand operation concept.
The foundation of business: relying on the brand to find value, relying on hard work to achieve success, relying on honesty to achieve brilliance, and relying on respect to achieve happiness.


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