High quality wooden tableware

High quality wooden tableware

Thebirthofahigh-qualitywoodentableware,fromwoodselectiontoelaboratecarving,everystepisanindispensableprocessfortheproductionofhigh-qualitywoodentableware.   Woodistherawmaterialofwoodentableware.Thech
The birth of a high-quality wooden tableware, from wood selection to elaborate carving, every step is an indispensable process for the production of high-quality wooden tableware.
Wood is the raw material of wooden tableware. The choice of wood determines the quality of tableware. The texture of wood is coarse and fine, and the texture is soft and hard. Wood should be selected according to different uses of tableware.
1 wood selection
What kinds of wood will be used for wood cutlery?
1. gold wire teak:
Teak is known as the national treasure of Burma. Teak material has beautiful texture and gold thread, so it is also called golden silk teak. Rich in oil, light fragrance, insect-proof, also very effective moisture-proof, stability is very good deformation is very low, suitable for making chopsticks, spoons, is also a common raw material for wooden tableware.
2. beech:
Unique wood for the south of the Yangtze River, with clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth tone. It is heavier than most common hardwoods. It ranks the hardness of all kinds of wood, and belongs to the upper and middle level. It is generally used to make dishes and bowls.
4. Brazil rosewood:
It is also called Guyi sapphire with straight texture, often interlaced, fine and uniform structure, large shrinkage, good nail holding force, slightly fast drying, not easy to crack and warp, and good wood corrosion resistance. It is generally used to make cutting boards for meat, fruits and vegetables.
5. olive, black walnut (aristocrats in tableware)
Olive wood: high density, olive wood is very solid, high hardness, olive wood bright color, clear and beautiful texture, is an aristocratic tree species in Europe.
Black Walnut: Wood with good dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance of heartwood is considered to be the most durable wood even in environments prone to corrosion. The price is very expensive.
If you choose these two kinds of wood, the tableware made is absolutely enough.
Why is the price of a good handmade tableware not low? Its manufacturing process is not so simple.

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