Other wooden tableware adorns the beauty of life.

Other wooden tableware adorns the beauty of life.

Intheageofporcelaintableware   Encounterwoodentableware   Itwillsurelybrightenyoureyes.   Everyinchofwood   Theyarealltracesoftime.   Irregularrings   Brokenbranches   Andthemothmarkings.   Itistimeth
In the age of porcelain tableware
Encounter wooden tableware
It will surely brighten your eyes.
Every inch of wood
They are all traces of time.
Irregular rings
Broken branches
And the moth markings.
It is time that gives the wood its unique charm.
And wood tableware
It is also carved with the mark of time.
The deep, shallow, irregular texture.
At first glance, it seemed like a mess.
Again, it looks like philosophy.
Not to mention the dishes that are served with it.
It is so colorful.
Just the tableware.
It's pleasing to the eye.
Can't help but study carefully.
Wooden bowl, wooden bowl, wooden spoon
The plain and elegant colors
Round shape
In the light
Falling softly
It seems to be telling something.
It seems that I fell in love with this silence.
In these thousands of plain days
Wooden Tableware
Not only delicious food
And those laughter and laughter.
Endless story

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